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Posted on 02 June 2010

Shanghai Skyline

After various technical difficulties this blog has finally come into being. I arrived in Shanghai 6.30 am, 27 May 2010. The timing coincides with World Expo 2010 and this already busy city is now in overdrive. I took the Maglev into the city from Pudong airport. This time the fastest speed was a sedate 301 kph. The traffic here is an experience, noisy, chaotic, a free for all, but amazingly no road rage as it seems everyone just goes with the flow. My best analogy would be that of a teeming school of fish trying to get through a small entance. It takes time but they all manage get through unscathed. After a much needed sleep I went and visited the Moganshan Art District to see Jackson Li’s exhibition at Two Cities gallery, then on to the Shanghai Museum. Next morning it was a 6.30 taxi ride to the airport. Even at that time traffic is busy. Landed at Jingdezhen in the midst of a downpour. It seems that there has been only 3 dry days in 2 months and this is not a typical weather pattern. Like at home the weather patterns are definitely changing. What explanation would the global warming sceptics attribute this to? The following images are just a few general views.

Jindezhen from my window at JCI


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