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Posted on 20 June 2010

JCI-WVU studio

JCI-WVU studio

Time has passed very quickly here in Jingdezhen as it is nearly time to return home. I have been attending the JCI-WVU Summer school to study overglaze painting. The JCI-WVU International Academy of Ceramic Art is a joint venture between West Virginia University, USA and the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, P.R.of China. The studio was the initiative of the founder, Professor Bob Anderson, who, over a period of years has been able to set up a studio in the grounds of the JCI campus. In conjunction with the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange much has been achieved to allow international access to the premier ceramic campus in China. To see more details visit and

The great Wall

Over the next days I will keep entering information into the blog to bring it up to date. Although my focus was the overglaze and underglaze painting a lot of activity went on around me and I will do my best to record it. During the first days of the school, a thrower came into to demonstrate the traditional Chinese throwing methods.

The thrower and his assistant

Getting involved

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